Annie Blair MA, Dipl PW

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About Annie

Annie BlairAnnie Blair MA, Dipl PW
Certified Process Worker

Process Work and Improvisational Movement

I have a passion for both Process Work and improvisational movement!

For over 40 years I have explored various forms of dance and movement including ballet, modern and improvisational dance, Body-Mind Centering, Tai Chi, yoga, Continuum, and Authentic Movement. In each I found great pleasure in the physical sensation of moving, the emotional depth of feelings, and the sense of creativity. My on-going quest has been how to combine improvisational movement with personal growth in a deeply satisfying way, both for myself and in working with others.

In Process Work I found a way forward because its methods amplify lesser known experiences that are already happening in your body, meaning not only movement and but also proprioception, hearing, and seeing. Unfolding these sensory grounded experiences, you get to know your deepest nature and how to bring it into relationships and the world in uniquely creative ways.

Performance and Eating Issues

In 2009 I combined Process Work ideas and methods with my movement background to create a performance exploring my experiences with a disturbing eating pattern. I plan to bring this performance to groups that are interested in eating issues.

Other Experience

I have studied psychology for 10 years. I also taught yoga in a university physical education department, participated in and led Authentic Movement groups, and co-facilitated micro-business management classes for a non-profit organization.


  • MA and Diploma, Process Oriented Psychology, Process Work Institute, Portland, Oregon
  • Addiction Studies Certificate, Portland Community College, Portland, Oregon
  • BA, English, School of Education, Simmons College, Boston, Massachusetts