Annie Blair MA, Dipl PW

Awareness Training

Eating and Food

I am deeply interested in working with people's challenges around food and eating. I find that by bringing awareness to these experiences with curiosity and compassion, we can tap into creative inner resources that give your life a new kind of vitality. I also feel that it's helpful to address unsupportive internal and external belief systems that inhibit your potential.


Many of us:

  • Crave particular foods
  • Experience eating too much or not enough
  • Struggle with deciding what to eat
  • Feel dissatisfied with some aspect of our bodies
  • Deal with food limitations due to health concerns such as allergies, diabetes, or blood sugar fluctuations
  • Feel discouraged by yo-yo dieting

Benefits of Bringing Awareness to Your Food and Eating Challenges

Some of the benefits you might experience are:

  • Feel less shame
  • Understand and update inner belief systems
  • Discover new talents, skills, or attitudes
  • Find that the eating difficulty transforms and/or diminishes
  • Increase inner compassion and self-love
  • Connect with a deeper life purpose
  • Learn how to approach your inner critic

My Experience

I have a tendency to binge and starve. For me bingeing is the act of eating a lot of food in a short period of time and starving means eating nothing for 24 hours. For many years I would binge one night, starve the next day, eat normally for a day or two, and then repeat.

Using Process Work concepts and methods, I have explored my bingeing-starving pattern as well as the foods I crave, criticism of my body, and other aspects of my relationship with food and eating.  This exploration has helped me relieve shame and meet new aspects of myself. For example, my jiggly belly has revealed a light hearted part that I'm often too serious to let out!